“Bonnaroo kicked off in Manchester, Tennessee, with a number of on-the-rise acts including newcomer Lael Neale, whose spectral voice, bedhead bangs, and sun-kissed lengths have all of the makings of a major folk stage babe."- VOGUE

"...Beauty is often fleeting and there is a pang of sadness even at the moment that we see or hear something beautiful because we know it won’t last...my songs are trying to cope with this knowledge that nothing I am or have will stay. The best I can do is to celebrate and mourn simultaneously."-Free Bike Valet

White Daisy, Lace Gloves Music Video: "The video follows a young woman gathering flowers and placing them in places of personal significance mourning the death of a relationship. It is a beautifully understated companion to the openly solemn song." - My Old Kentucky Blog


"This record is a knockout and a wonderful listening experience; it's easy to get lost in its mystery and beauty." - Performer Magazine


"Neale writes deep and soul-baring folk music that has earned her appropriate comparisons to Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten with a hazy vocal quality that brings to mind Hope Sandoval.” - Utne Magazine


"[Born in the Summer] a splendid indie folk-rock tune that has splashes of Sharon Van Etten and Tift Merritt... Neale takes the listener inside the mind of an individual looking for answers about life and one’s own purpose. It’s a clever piece of songwriting" - The Revue


"...hazy psychedelic folk that is equal parts sunny sonic sensibilities and morose and outlaw-esque when it comes to sentimentality" - Philthy Mag


"Her folksy debut, 'I'll be Your Man,' funnels Southern sweetness through a dark undertow." - Myspace


“A beautifully created album made for a lazy afternoon or those solitary late nights.” - Just Music I Like


“A woozy slice of psychedelia” - Buzzbands LA


“Hopeless romantics have found the soundtrack for their summer” - The SSFW


“Lael’s songs transpire a true authenticity that she embodies with a peaceful solemnity and a quietness that inspires respect.” - Rock NYC


“A little bit of lo-fi permeates through this stomping track, but Neale’s affecting vocal performance is always loud and clear.” - Magnet Magazine


“Her music is intimate, though not completely insular; there are moments when light and emotion escape and bring fresh air back into the room." - Nooga


“A hazy mix of psychedelia, lo-fi production, and folk with just the right amount of edge… there’s a vulnerability to Neale’s voice that sucks us in to the dark side without us even knowing it.” - Culture Collide

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